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Snowflake Non-Slip Grip Gray Rectangle Rug Pad

Snowflake Non-Slip Grip Gray Rectangle Rug Pad

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This Eco-Friendly, Green Label Plus Certified, thick rug pad is the perfect comfortable foundation for your rug. It safe for different surfaces and will help protect your floors while also keeping your rug in place. Rug pad should be placed with the fiber side up when used on hard surfaces and should be flipped over when used on carpet. Includes Non-Skid Rubber backing.


* Material: 100% Recycled Synthetic Fibers

* Origin: USA

* Durable and built to last this rug pad will not only help protect your flooring but will also increase your rugs longevity

* Add an extra level of thickness and cushioning under your rug that will provide extra comfort under foot

* Helps protect hardwood floors and premium tile from friction cause by foot traffic

* Will help keep your rug securely in place to avoid tripping or sliding when walking or vacuuming

* Available in different sizes

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