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Rose (Forest) Wallpaper - DIY Peel and Stick

Rose (Forest) Wallpaper - DIY Peel and Stick

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A pleasant, sketched rose wallpaper. The teal, earth tone is representative of nature and goes well with the casual white flowers.  This wallpaper makes for a beautiful living room or bedroom backdrop. This soft wallpaper is a great choice for bringing a feel of nature to within a home.

Our wallpaper:

* Removes easily without damaging your walls

* Simple peel and stick installation

* Beautiful canvas texture finish

* High-quality & washable   

How to measure your wall: All panels are 24" wide. To determine the appropriate height and number of panels for your wall, follow these easy steps:

* Measure height and choose panel height

* Measure width in feet and divide by two

* Choose number of panels needed For Example: 11.

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